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17-07-2013 08:40

Les challengers de Yoyo et du Bombardier sont là

Défense de titres pour Yoyo et le Bombardier, ee vendredi

PRESS RELEASE 18th June 2013

19-06-2013 23:48
PRESS RELEASE 18th June 2013

Lettre au Pdt Barack Obama

09-04-2013 08:55
April 6th,2013
His Execellency Barack Obama
President of United States

Mr President Obama,

1 as president ofthe African Boxing Union (ABU), join the World Boxing Council (WBC) in asking for a posthumous Presidential pardon ofthe great former heavyweight WBC champion John Arthur "Jack" Johnson.

1 look forward to joining you, the WBC and my boxing colleagues in a special ceremony in the White House when you sign the Jack Johnson' s pardon.

yours faithfully

Houcine Houichi
President ABU

KEITH "Baby Beast" Nkosi has been stripped of the ABU lightweight title and been suspended for two years after failing a drugs test.

22-02-2013 09:56

Nkosi not short of will power

> Nkosi tested positive for the banned anabolic steroid nandrolone, whose effects include muscle growth, appetite stimulation, increased blood cell production and bone density.

> African Boxing Union president Houcine Houichi said Nkosi tested positive after his ABU fight in December last year. He will also be kicked out of the WBC World Cup from May, where he was to represent Africa.

> Houichi, a Tunisian who is also vice-president of the Mexico-based WBC, said Nkosi could challenge the finding and ask that his B urine sample be analysed.

> "In the meantime, he is suspended and if the results of the B-sample confirm the A-sample, he will then be suspended for two years, he will be stripped of the ABU title and of course he will not participate at the WBC World Cup."

> Nkosi said he was told he had tested positive for steroids that are injected into the body.

> "I take multi-vitamins and protein shakes. I am confused. I feel like my life has been taken away from me. Boxing is my life. Imagine being out for two years? I'm saddened by the whole thing," he said.

> Nkosi's manager Brian Mitchell said it was highly unlikely that they would contest the A-sample result.

> "Look, those guys (the SA Institute for Drug-free Sport) cannot get it wrong," said Mitchell. "It is sad news for us as the team, his promoter Golden Gloves as well as the country because Keith is a really talented boxer."

> Trainer Harold Volbrecht was not available for comment yesterday.

> Nkosi, a novice of nine fights, caused a sensation when he dropped seasoned campaigner Warren "The Warrior" Joubert three times in the first round for the ABU title on December 3.

> The news of his failed drugs test comes barely a week after Mitchell announced that Nkosi would challenge WBC International junior lightweight holder Sipho Taliwe at Emperors Palace on March 18.

Burkina-Faso - Octobre 2012

21-10-2012 12:10

Burkina-Faso - Octobre 2012

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Burkina-Faso - Octobre 2012

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Amateur boxing ranks weak - ABU chief

22-09-2011 22:31

ABU chief laments poor professional boxing

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