The tournament in Windhoek Venue Windhoek country club 27/2/2021
Weigh in images of ABU Featherweight title fight between Nathanael Kakololo (Namibia) Champion against Tinashe Mandziwana the challenger from (Zimbabwe) on the 26th February 2021
Featherweight Title Windhoek 6th December 2019
Press Conference for the ABU SADC and Official Medical and Weighin 29 November 2019
Kampala 26th September 2019
New Superbantam Weight Champion
Weighin for ABU SADC Welterweight fight
ABU Bantam Weight Title
WBC Convention – Miami 2016
Meeting with President of Malawi – May 2019
Meeting with President of Ghana – Accra – March 2017
April 2018 – Nairobi (Kenya)
Bangile Nyangani vs Oscar Richards
ABU in Brockton (USA)
ABU-AGM Lusaka 2011
Berkane Morocco 10-03-2012
Cancun December 2012
Burkina-Faso 2011
Burkina-Faso 2012
Cairo Egypt 06-04-2012
ABU President in Santander
Justin Savi vs Armstrong Sarouna Niame
Kinshasa 28-06-2014
Lusaka Zambia September 28th 2013
Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso June 2013
Richard Asy vs Prince Ofotsu Accra
Taylor Mabika vs Eken Henshaw Freeville
Taylor Mabika vs Prince Akrong Freeville
Thabiso Mchunu vs Danie Venter
ABU Welterweight Title fight 17-10-2020
ABU Welterweight Title weigh-in 16-10-202
ABU African championships on 3 September 2021 in Dar es salaam (Tanzania)
Wheighin that took place in Tanzania for fights on Wednesday 13/10/2021
ABU SADC titles (heavy & super light) rules meeting today at Onomo Hotel, Dar es Salaam.
Weighin 23/10/2021 for the vacant ABU SADC Junior Welterweight title in Pietermaritzburg
The ABU SADC junior welterweight title took place at the Pietermaritzburg city hall on the 24/10/2021.